Vighnesh Sinkar

Singer/Songwriter/Composer, Vighnesh is a multi-talented artist set to make his mark in the music space. Vighnesh had a journey nothing less than a movie script. Born and raised in Mumbai, the singer and composer had been a part of street-plays at various inter-collegiate competitions. His first commercial play was helmed by MS Sathyu, the director of the cult classic Garm Hawa (1974).  As a talented guitar player and singer, Vighnesh soon began composing songs and singing in his plays. He taught himself video production and within a few months of developing covers, Vighnesh composed seven original Hindi songs and two English tracks.

Gaining inspiration from his personal life experiences, this musical prodigy has made his debut as a singer through his new album ‘Socha Nahi Tha’. Being a magnificent songwriter, Vighnesh wrote and sang ‘Hai Tere Hi’ which is his first music video that officially released on 21st December 2020 on YouTube

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1. Daastaan 03:59
2. Dooriyon 02:17
3. Socha Nahi 03:46
4. Hai Tere HI 04:13
5. Piya 02:43

Vighnesh sinkar

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