Shivani Paliwal

Creator | Dancer | Singer

Shivani Paliwal is an Indian dancer and an influencer with a 4 million plus of global following. She was born and brought up in Udaipur, a city in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. She is most well known as an Indian member of global pop group Now United which aimed at uniting the world with Music, formed in Los Angeles in 2017 by Simon Fuller. She was brought into the group Now United by Simon Fuller and has traveled over 15 countries performing and sharing her talent. Originally, the group consisted of 14 members from 14 countries where each member represents a different country.


The group currently has 6 active members; 13 have either left or are inactive. Shivani is no longer a part of the group because she now aims higher and is in the process to become an actress and is also looking to venture out the music industry as she is also a good rapper. Shivani has also sung and rapped some band’s songs such as Come Together, Dana Dana, Pas Le Choix, Lean On Me and By My Side. When she came to India, her band also collaborated with a famous Indian singer and rapper Badshah.