The song ‘Maanegi Kis Tarah’ is all about that Love at First Sight Feeling! Sounds filmy and cliche but we can all admit that it’s the best feeling in the world! This song and video talk about the journey

This one's a musical marvel that uncovers the feelings that come with infidelity. The artist 'Zicr' dives deep into his emotions leading to an outpour of feelings for his former partner, the woman who wronged him.

Bol Chudi Bol’ is a new age romantic song by Priyanka Meher and UK Rapi Boy in Garhwali language. The song is about a beautiful girl from born in the mountain region, falling in love with a boy whilst on

Piya’, a sringar rass song is all about a raw emotion, about a beautiful Indian woman getting ready to finally reunite with the love of her life. There is longing for a long due collision of these twin flame

‘Challe Jeha Lakk’ portrays the peak confidence and independence that every woman experiences at some point in her life. It perfectly encapsulates the feeling of walking into a room with an attitude of superiority and being enough. A feel-good

Velvet Vibes presents “Baadal” sung by the legendary Shankar Mahadevan. It will take you on a beautiful journey of life and friendship. It will inspire you to think more about the present than the future.

The season of love is here and Velvet Vibes presents “Ishq” sung by Jazim Sharma, featuring Ruma Sharma. A song that perfectly portrays the extent to which one can go for their partner.

Velvet Vibes presents “Bewafa'' an ultimate saga of love, insecurities, and betrayal, sung by very talented Simran Choudhary and Divya Kumar, music by DJ Sheizwood, and ft. Shray Rai Tiwari alongside Simran Choudhary.

Mehndi Te Vavi is a fresh rendition of the traditional Gujarati folk track that celebrates the beautiful ‘Mehndi’ ceremony that takes place during an Indian wedding. Lost Stories reinterpreted the classic by incorporating a cinematic arrangement with their

Velvet Vibes presents “Ranjhana” sung by Akanksha Bhandari with music by Sez on the Beat, featuring Sanket Mehta borrows from a Punjabi folk song and added to it is the new age lo-fi sound. The song beautifully portraits the