Velvet Vibes is excited to present a track we believe has the potential to redefine genre fusions - 'Thodi Naadani.' This unique amalgamation of Pop and Hip Hop is performed by the legendary Neeraj Shridhar, the exceptionally talented Maanuni,

"Tera Mera" is a captivating and emotional synth pop track with a fusion of Hindi and Punjabi lyrics that tells the story of a girl who is questioning her lover about the state of their relationship. The song is

Some addictions we can never let go of, especially if it’s your lover. As toxic as the relationship would be, you still end up wanting them back. Even a new lover cannot fulfill our needs and we always compare

This song is our token of love to everyone who couldn’t express what they wanted to say and to those who’ve suffered because of things left unsaid by their loved ones. Hope life shows you love and kindness.

Saawariya is a contemporary chill folk love ballad. It's about the longing for love and the feeling of being trapped in your own head. The song has a mid-tempo and is in the indie pop genre. It features singer Akanksha

'ट्रेंडिंग झाला' is a depiction of an affectionate man’s chase of a woman whom he looks to lure into his life with wealth and charisma, only to learn that she isn’t intrigued by his worldly possessions or his

The song addresses a hopeful yearning for a loved one. It evokes the feeling of happiness that one might experience at the anticipation of finally finding or connecting with a cherished person.

‘Dil Dubda Jaave’ is an electronic Indian fusion track which starts off with Indian elements, slower pace, on a mellow note and progresses to drum and bass. The song captures the feeling of longing. It is the recollection of

The song ‘Maanegi Kis Tarah’ is all about that Love at First Sight Feeling! Sounds filmy and cliche but we can all admit that it’s the best feeling in the world! This song and video talk about the journey

This one's a musical marvel that uncovers the feelings that come with infidelity. The artist 'Zicr' dives deep into his emotions leading to an outpour of feelings for his former partner, the woman who wronged him.