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about us

Velvet Vibes is an independent music label of intense, iconic and millennial music & entertainment, initiated by Miket Kanakia.


The label embraces a unique collection of artists with distinct cultures and is built on artistic diversity and selectivity. It has created a home for singers - established and emerging, mainstream and maverick.
As an independent record label based in Mumbai, the label’s aim is to support and promote emerging and established artists pan-India; releasing music, organizing tours and securing press coverage for the artists & acts signed to the label. We see a world where the artist is supported and enabled to pursue the creation of amazing music, and to organically find connection with their audience.
The company’s mission is to secure the means, space and resources needed for the development of tomorrow’s artist and their original expression. We assist artists, arrangers and producers in developing music by producing, promoting and distributing their music and helping them to build their brand so they can free up time and resources to invest in their creativity.

parent company

Novex Communications Pvt Ltd

Established in 2002 is today a well-renowned name in Anti-Piracy, Copyrights and Public Performance Rights. It is established & promoted by Mr. Ketan Kanakia, MD of Novex. Backed by a rich heritage in the industry, Novex has carved a niche for itself. It’s well established and ever growing pan-India presence is a great strength for its partners too, who can leverage with the widespread presence to expand their own business. Novex is engaged in the business of giving public performance rights in sound recordings and has partnered with various labels such as YRF, Zee, EROS, TIPS, etc. to work as an authorized agent to protect the music that is a part of their repertoire. Novex has extensive expertise and comprehensive capabilities to expertly manage distribution of copyrights and ensure only authorized performance of the content.


Miket Kanakia

Director at Novex Communications Pvt Ltd, is a relentless fighter in increasing the awareness of copyright piracy in India over the last 8 years. He has been instrumental in breaking the monopoly of PPL in the public performance rights domain and already represents bigwigs of Indian music like YRF Music, Zee Music Company, Eros Music, Tips Music along with individuals like Sukhbir and Nucleya. Standing at the forefront of Multi-National Corporations like Accenture, providing solutions using music as a tool to increase productivity and focus. He now embarks on a new journey with Velvet Vibes as the CEO to create fantastic original content in English, Hindi and oft ignored regional languages sans the stereotyping.

We desire to create things that bring people to new places, and spark new creative thought – An innovation to compete. We value an idea that what we work from and what we produce is not ordinary, but above standard. We do not wish to compromise on providing creative freedom for our artists.

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